DingCaster 1.98 Released!

Release Notes: Support SRT (secure reliable transport) protocol, support  SRT push stream and pull stream (caller, listener and rendezvous)  Simultaneous recording of  clean PGM  and full  PGM. NDI output can be in ARGB and UYVY format. The decoder can be lavfilter and ffmpeg. RTMP streaming  optimizationed. Improved XCG titles. Known bug repaired

DingCaster 1.97 Released!

Release Notes: Support XAML subtitles, provide news, sports, concerts, weather and other templates. Fully compatible with XAML subtitles of vmix and other software.  Double click in the waiting area to quickly add media files. The registration method is changed. After installation, the default is 30 day trial version. No watermark will be displayed in the…
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DingCaster 1.96 Released!

Release Notes: Support transparent overlay(32-bit video with alpha channel suchas avi, mov, webm).  Support multi display, multi layout and unlimited number of displays.  BUGs fixed: When recording directshows input, if there is no audio, the software crashes. The video window will be interrupted and can’t be recovered when the monitor is plugged in or unplugged.…
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DingCaster 1.95 Released!

Release Notes: Support MIDI keyboard. Improved virtual studio and multi-view editing operation. Fix some known BUGs.  

DingCaster 1.94 Released!

Input Source: Video cameras: With SDI, HDSDI, HDMI and IP interface and SD, HD, 4K resolution. Audio mixers: Connected to sound card input. Network stream: With RTMP/RTSP/HTP/HLS/UDP Unicast and Multicast Protocols.NDITM: Any NDI compatible sources. Media Files: Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, HEVC, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, WEBM, MXF, WAV and MP3.…
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