DingCaster 3.4 Released!

Release Notes:

1. Add PTZ operation. Support virtual PTZ, Sony visca and other protocols, and camera menu operation


2. MIDI keyboard supports PTZ operation

3. Browser source supports HTML5 video playback

4. After the audio monitoring device changes (from speaker to headset, or vice versa), it will switch automatically

5. Audio monitoring volume adjustment is synchronized with the system

6. Lock the signal source to prevent misoperation

7. Support Windows 10 screen capture API to solve the problem of black screen in some screen capture Windows

8. Add several virtual studio templates

9. Bug fixed: crash when adding XAML signal source

10. Bug fixed: when the file signal source uses ffmpeg decoder, seek function works abnormally

11. Bug fixed: NDI signal source volume is too small

12. Bug fixed: using CPU core to decode 4K signal source stuck

13. Bug fixed: crash when NDI source video format changes dynamically

14. Bug fixed: multiple USB cameras with the same name cannot collect data

15. Bug fixed: 60Hz output is not smooth

16. Bug fixed: Korean file name material cannot be opened

17. Bug fixed: the playback speed of 60Hz output recording material is abnormal