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DingCaster runs under 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.Click Download below to install the Free 30 Day Trial or to update your licensed copy of DingCaster.

No enough cameras? Just use a cell phone!

The mobile NDI streaming app for Android

Mobile phone used as camera
Streaming to dingcaster via WiFi

Release Notes

1.Support 720×1280, 1080×1920 and other 9:16 ratio. Live broadcast, preview, recording, push streaming and subtitles all support 9:16 mode, which is convenient for the mobile phone receiving terminal to watch in vertical screen.

2.Support split screen function, high-definition camera signal can achieve 2-4 split screen broadcast. Standard cameras can support 9:16 resolution without rotating 90 degrees. At the same time, one camera can be used as multiple cameras, especially suitable for live broadcast of multi-guest talk shows.

3. Support software crash upload function

4. When using the multi-screen output of the graphics card, you can arbitrarily specify the source input of the sub-window

5. Fix the bug that sometimes crash when exiting the software

6. Other known bug fixes.


1. New: multi-camera slow motion playback, the camera can be IP, SDI, HDMI, NDI and so on.

2. New: Support browser source.You  can browse webpage, play webpage video, and can operate interactively.

3. New : Support audio source visualization

4. Fixed: Some cameras cannot capture video.

5. Fixed:  Sometimes crashes when creating new events

6. Fixed: Sometimes crash when  reset  source.

8. Other known bug fixes

1. Support SRT (secure reliable transport) protocol, support  SRT push stream and pull stream (caller, listener and rendezvous)

2. Simultaneous recording of  clean PGM  and full  PGM.

3. NDI output can be in ARGB and UYVY format.

4. The decoder can be lavfilter and ffmpeg.

5. RTMP streaming  optimizationed.

6. Improved XCG titles.

7. Known bug repaired

1. Support XAML subtitles, provide news, sports, concerts, weather and other templates. Fully compatible with XAML subtitles of vmix and other software.

2. Double click in the waiting area to quickly add media files.

3. The registration method is changed. After installation, the default is 30 day trial version.

4. No watermark will be displayed in the free version.

5. Known bug fixed.

6.NDI function improved. Titles can be Overlayed on the video through the network, such as the titles from Newblue Titler Pro live.

  1. Support transparent overlay(32-bit video with alpha channel suchas avi, mov, webm).
  2. Support multi display, multi layout and unlimited number of displays.
  3. BUGs fixed:
    • When recording directshows input, if there is no audio, the software will crashes sometimes.
    • The video window will be interrupted and can’t be recovered when the monitor is plugged in or unplugged.
    • Window Capturing does not work properly.
    • Other bugs.
  1. Support MIDI keyboard.
  2. Improved virtual studio and multi-view editing operation.
  3. Fix some known BUGs.

Input Source:

  • Video cameras: With SDI, HDSDI, HDMI and IP interface and SD, HD, 4K resolution.
  • Audio mixers: Connected to sound card input.
  • Network stream: With RTMP/RTSP/HTP/HLS/UDP Unicast and Multicast Protocols.NDITM: Any NDI compatible sources.
  • Media Files: Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, HEVC, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, WEBM, MXF, WAV and MP3.
  • Playlist: Video playlist and CG titles playlist.
  • Others: Picture, PowerPoint, network camera, encoder, UAV, motion camera and more.

Output Targets:

  • Live stream: Support popular streaming providers including Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch.
  • Live Record: In full HD to MP4 or MPEG-2.
  • Device output: Support Blackmagic, Bluefish cards and more.
  • Virtual Camera: Can used for 3rd party software such as Skype, VLC and so on.
  • NDITM  Output.

Virtual Set:

  • By choosing the template and combining the high quality real-time keying function, the virtual set can be easily built.Multi-position, multi-shots, and keying can be one-button operation. The color can be arbitrarily set.
  • Real-time generation of human shadow or reflection.
  • Supports multiview, each sub-view can be zoom out or zoom in. Each multiview can be embedded in a window of another one.
  • It is easy to change virtual set and multiview sub-view source by simply dragging and pulling the mouse.
  • Prefabricated dozens of virtual studios and multi-screen templates, can also be customized according to user needs.

Software Audio Mixer:

  • Multiplex source audio can be mixed arbitrarily.
  • Each audio channel can be set up exclusive or mixed output.
  • The volume of source and main output can be adjusted separately.

NDITM Support:

  • It can receive from camera, encoder and other devices supporting ND protocol.
  • Main ouput and source can be output as NDI stream.
  • Automatic discovery of NDI devices.

Professional Titles:

  • Support common title forms such as corners, clocks, crawl, animation, etc.
  • Support TGA sequence animation. Transparent overlay with 32 bit video file such as AVI, MP4, WEBM ,etc.
  • Support Lyric function,It can add real-time lyrics for live singing.
  • Support title list.

Broadcasting automation:

  • Automatically switch the source according to the playlist.
  • It can be used for automatic broadcasting in studios and campus TV stations.
  • Support timing, sequence, manual and other broadcasting methods.

Other Features:

  • Support Skype, Wechat and other Instant messenger tools to achieve remote video call.
  • Simultaneously input IM software’s video and voice.
  • Supporting multi-person, multi-window and one-screen video connection.
  • Independent subtitle workstation can be selected to reduce the workload of transition director.
  • Transition effects support. Such as Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly and more.