The media files supported by dingcaster include video, audio, pictures, PPT files, etc. Three ways to add media files are supported:

  1. Click the "+" icon of the waiting area to pop up the menu and select the corresponding menu item to add.


  1. Double click the left mouse button in the waiting area to open the file dialog box. Select the file type, select the file, and click the "open" button to add.


  1. Add from input source library window

       Click "Sources" in the right sidebar, click "Files", click the type page, select a media file, and drag and drop it to the waiting window.


         Media library needs to set media path when it is used for the first time. Click the "+" button, select a path, double-click to enter the path, and all media files of corresponding type under the path will be listed.
         The media library supports multiple path switching.