1. The main interface of the software consist of  some windows( PVM, Outputs, PGM, Waiting Area,  Transition ,  Library/Mixer and Status Bar).


  1. PVM Window

     When click on a source  window in Waiting Area,  it will be enlarged and displayed in PVM . Click on the Take or Auto button in the Transition window to switch this source from PVM to PGM.

  1. PGM Window

     The final output is previewed here. All output is consistent with this window.

  1. Waiting Area

     Waiting Area displays and controls all source participating in broadcasting. Sources are dragged and added from the Library window.

  1. Library/Mixer Window

      Including Mixer, Sources Library, Title, Scene, Effect, Recording and so on..

      The Mixer window adjusts the volume and mixing of the input  and the PGM.

      The Source Library window includes Video,Audio,Picture, Slide,Device and Network.

      The Title window displays a list of  titles.

      The Scene window includes Virtual Studio, Multi-screen and Other.

      The  Effects window displays a list of available effects.

      The Recording window displays a list of recorded material.

  1. Transition Window

      Includes  currently used  effects, T-bar and other content, can achieve direct switching or effect switching from PVM  to PGM.

  1. Output Window

     Set up and control all signal outputs, including recording, live streaming and device output.

  1. Status Window

       Display output format, resource usage and other information.