Quick Start

Software main UI
How to set basic parameters?
How to start live streaming?
How to set project parameters?

Trial and registration

How to register as trial version?
How to import license file?
How to register as official version?


How to add media files?
How to add a webcam?
How to add a video call?
How to add a SRT source?
How to add a wired camera?
How to add a browser?
How to add a network source?
How to add NDI source?


What types of titles are supported?
How to add XCG title?
How to add NDI title?
How to remove source titles?
Which objects can be titled?
How to add XAML title?
How to remove PGM titls?


What types of scene are supported?
How to add multi view?
How to add virtual studio?
How to import the third party studio?


How to use transition effects to switch?
How to use background effects?
How to set common transition effects?

Capture Screen

How to capture window screen?
How to capture monitor screen?


How to relay videos from video websites?
How to use slow motion playback?
How to remove the overlay layer of PGM?
How to crop video playback?
How to overlay source to PGM?


How to mix audio?
How to monitor PGM output audio?
How to access microphone or Mixer Audio?
How to monitor source audio?

Portrait Screen

How to set portrait screen mode?
How to play 16:9 source in portrait mode?
How to use split screen mode?

Delay Output

How to set delay output?
How to switch padding video
What is the purpose of the preview window?
How to change the padding video?